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Rankings Europe's Top Five Leagues by Goals Per Game Ratio in 2018/19

The top football leagues across Europe have seen a lot of goals scored throughout the season, with star forwards converting chances. 

While Spain and England usually get all the exposure in terms of stars, it is actually the Bundesliga in Germany where the most goals per game have been scored this season.

Here, we rank Europe's top five leagues by their goals per game ratio in 2018/19:

5. Ligue 1 - 2.56

With Paris Saint-Germain the dominant side in France and most other teams just getting by, it is no surprise that Ligue 1 has the least goals per game at 2.56. 

An average of two and a half goals per match is nothing to scoff at however, but they will need to find a way to make it more competitive in terms of the title battle. 

With players like Neymar, Kylian Mbappe and Edinson Cavani in their ranks, PSG have it very easy as they coast to the league title by scoring a lot of goals.

4. La Liga - 2.59

Another league that had a champion known much ahead of the scheduled 38 games is Spain's La Liga, with Barcelona crowned comfortable winners. 

Barring the Catalan giants however, the rest of the teams had a hard time finding the goals, and due to that, the league's average was 2.59 goals per game. 

Interestingly, the Blaugrana were the only team to average more than two goals per game this season in the league, with even Atletico and Real Madrid struggling to score.

3. Serie A - 2.68

Juventus also eased to a comfortable league win in Serie A, winning their eighth league title by some distance and conviction. 

Despite the emphasis on tactics in Italy, the rest of the teams in the league were quite attacking and that showed as the league averaged 2.68 goals per game over the course of the 38 game season. 

Apart from the champions, who scored 70 goals, Napoli and Atalanta averaged two goals per game and were important reasons the league average is high.

2. Premier League - 2.82

The Premier League may well be advertised as the best league in the world, but it still did not get them to top place in terms of average goals scored per game.

With Manchester City and Liverpool racking up the goals, they set a torrid pace that most teams in the league were able to manage, helping the league average 2.82 goals per game.

The Sky Blues averaged 2.5 goals per game and the Reds averaged 2.34 goals per game and they set the pace for the rest of the league to match.

1. Bundesliga - 3.18

The German Bundesliga is not known for its competitiveness either but the title fight went until the last game this season, with Bayern Munich once again emerging as the eventual winners. 

The entire league did not disappoint in terms of entertainment, with the Bundesliga registering a mammoth 3.18 goals per game, thanks mainly to Bayern and Borussia Dortmund

Many other clubs in the top 10 are averaging in the region of two goals per game, which is a very healthy number for a competitive league. 

Ranking Europe's top five league by goals per game in the 2018/19 season.