​Real Madrid legend and main share-holder in Valladolid visited Spanish newspaper ​AS to discuss his first year with Valladolid, where he’s the main shareholder. The club's season ended in dramatic, yet happy, circumstances with his team saving themselves from relegation in the final round of matches.

Their happiness of maintaining their La Liga status was soon marred by the arrest of former Valladolid captain and ​Indian Super League side ATK's former defender Borja Fe​rnandez, who had hung up his boots just a week ago. He was arrested on suspicion of match fixing.

And Brazilian great Ronaldo chose to spoke about his team as well as Borja in detail as he started by stating, "Borja is not involved at all."

He further stated that he will support the investigation against Borja to ensure there is no corruption. Ronaldo said, "But, in any case, I think it’s good that it’s investigated because we should all want for there to be no corruption. Listen, I’m from Brazil and over there we’ve got a tremendous amount of corruption. We support the investigation, we’ll do everything to collaborate and we’ll provide all the information we have”.

Despite the investigation, Ronaldo said it wasn’t affecting the delight in the city about their team staying up. He said as he concluded, “After everything we’ve gone through this season, we’re still on cloud nine."