​Former ​Barcelona defender Jose Ramon Alexanko has given a first-hand account of the fact that Lionel Messi only works with players in his team who he believes are totally dedicated to football.

Alexanko won four Copa del Rey titles during his time at the Catalan club and has been footballing director at the Catalan club's Saturday's opponents Valencia.

Starting by talking about Messi and his image with regards to having a hand in all transfer decisions made by Barcelona, Alexanko told ​Marca, "[Messi] is clever enough not to involve himself in transfer issues. Therefore, he's the technical secretary."

Revealing the types of players that Messi likes working with and becomes friends easily with, Alexanko stated, "Messi can find his own teammates, but only those that focus solely on sport."

He also went ahead and spoke about the ever-growing transfer saga of Antoine Griezmann to Barcelona. Alexanko stated, "Griezmann is good enough for Barcelona and sporting matters go above everything else."

Having being associated with both Barcelona and Valencia, Alexanko was in a position to analyse Saturday's Copa del Rey final between the pair in Seville.

He said as he concluded, "Valencia are coming into it believing that they can win," he went on, "and Barcelona have been exultant, but in an emotional state because of their European exit."