Argentina's World Cup-winning coach Cesar Luis Menotti believes that Lionel Messi would rather prefer to be crowned European champion with ​Barcelona than succeed with the Albiceleste.

However, the 80-year-old legend does not doubt Messi's desire to play and perform for his country. Menotti, additionally believes that the number 10 could easily avoid playing with Argentina if he didn't want to.

As reported by ​Marca, Menotti was asked about his opinion on Messi's performances with Barcelona as compared to Argentina. He replied by stating, "I'm sure that Messi is happy in the Argentina national team."

Menotti continued, "It wouldn't cost him anything to say that his big toe hurt if he didn't feel like it, but if he's with us it's because he's happy to do it."

Specifying that he believes Messi wants to win trophies the Argentina more than anyone, the legendary coach claimed, "I don't think there's anyone who wants to win more than Messi does with Argentina. If there is, I haven't spoken to him."

Concluding on why he still believes that the Barcelona legend would still prefer winning the Champions League with Barcelona than claiming a trophy for his national team, Menotti concluded, "I'm sure if you asked Messi if he'd rather be a champion with Argentina or win the Champions League, he would say the Champions League."

​Messi has been selected among the 23-man list for Argentina's Copa America campaign.