5 Top Clubs That Have Received the Least Number of Yellow Cards in the 2018/19 Season

Tackles and fouls are a part of a football game, but there are some teams who are very adept at ensuring they are not penalised. Yellow cards can become problematic, especially when a team is trying to fight for the title as it could mean important players might miss out on games.

Here are the top five clubs with the least yellow cards in the season. 

5. Manchester City - 44

Manchester City completed a unique domestic treble this season, winning all domestic trophies on offer. They successfully defended their League Cup and the Premier League title, and also won the FA Cup. City received 44 yellow cards this season, a tad higher for a league champion, consider their rivals Liverpool had much lesser. 

4. Borussia Monchengladbach - 43

Borussia Monchengladbach only managed to finish fifth in the Bundesliga, and are consigned to the Europa League for next season. However, they had one of the least yellow cards in the season, being shown 43 cards. They only received one red card all season and will be looking to improve their performances in other areas. 

3. Borussia Dortmund - 40

Borussia Dortmund missed out on the Bundesliga title by two points, but they still got the most points in three years. They were disciplined in their tackles too, picking up only 40 yellow cards in the entire season. They did receive two red cards, one more than their title rivals.

2. Bayern Munich - 40

Bayern Munich picked up their seventh Bundesliga title on the trot, pipping Dortmund to the top by two points. They were cautioned 40 times throughout the season, but received only one red card in the process. 

The German champions are not done for the season though, as they still have to play the Cup final against RB Leipzig. 

1. Liverpool - 37

Liverpool missed out on yet another Premier League title, losing out to Manchester City by one point, but they had the most disciplined team in Europe, getting only 37 yellow cards all season. They still have a Champions League final to look forward to, and will be looking to add a sixth European cup to their trophy cabinet.