​Late Emiliano Sala's now deceased father Horacio Sala had accused ​Cardiff City of 'abandoning' his son 'like a dog' as revealed a new BB​C documentary.

Horacio, ​whose son died in a plane crash in January, was interviewed before he himself passed away in April without actually getting to know the reason behind why his young son died in the first place.

Five months since the tragic incident of January, the footballer's relatives and friends are still struggling to understand why the striker was flown across the English Channel in tricky weather conditions by a pilot David Ibbotson, who actually may not have been the right man for the job.

And Horacio spoke in the final days of his own death just a few weeks back regarding the all the parties responsible for his son's death. He said, "I always expected to find him alive, but when the news said the plane was in the sea, it became impossible. Why was it so hard for them to find something safe? Why couldn't they? They left him alone, they left him alone like a dog. They abandoned him."

Emiliano's mother, Mercedes Taffarel also spoke about how it feels on losing her son in such a way as she said, "It still hurts so much. I think he's going to call me on the phone, but no. It's terrible, a pain that I can't explain. He had succeeded in becoming the footballer he always wanted to be. He could have done so much but, well, God took him."