​​La Liga chief Javier Tebas has blasted the ECA (European Club Association) proposal regarding the new format of the ​UEFA Champions League during Sunday's Carrusel Deportivo.

Speaking on the radio show, Tebas spit out his feelings, as quoted by ​AS, on the new proposed Champions League format as he began by stating, "They talk of reform but it's as good as a new format for just 32 clubs and a series of groups with a promotion and relegation system."

Stating that such a step could be the end of domestic leagues across Europe, Tebas continued, "Early studies have already established that this could spell the death for domestic league competitions."

Revealing the effect it would have on medium and low sized clubs in the continent, the La Liga supremo stated, "This will be very complicated. Teams like Sevilla or Valencia will find it extremely difficult to break into the top echelon and you'll have a case such as Atlético Madrid for example, who will be happy to remain playing in the new Champions and won't be bothered if they were to get relegated to the Second division."

Finally slamming UEFA for taking decisions behind closed doors without understanding the ground reality, Tebas concluded, "I really feel that people are not aware what's being discussed behind closed doors. They are supposed to present the new format to us next Tuesday and I feel we'll be shown the model that has been put together by the ECA and UEFA over the past year."

"Most people already know that we are firmly against this initiative and even though it won't be implemented for seven or eight years, it will see domestic leagues reduced to the second level. I don't believe this is something that Ceferin wants, but I fear he's listening too much to his advisers. This is a drive that the Italian , French and many more leagues have said they are not in favour of. I hope we can do something to stop this catastrophic move."