​Newly promoted to the Premier League, ​Sheffield United are reported to have received funding from the influential Saudi family of Osama Bin Laden, a court in the UK has heard.

The revelation emerged during a court case in the UK, when Sheffield United co-owners Kevin McCabe and Prince Abdullah Bin Mosaad Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud were battling for control of the club following the break down of their relationship almost two years ago.

As reported by ​AS, who quote local newspaper the Sheffield Star, during their case's hearing on Thursday, Prince Abdullah’s lawyer Andreas Gledhill, brought the £3m loan up in front of the court’s, stating that Mr. McCabe was fully aware that the loan had come from the Bin Laden family.

Gledhill then moved forward and showed the court an email exchange between McCabe and club director Jeremy Tutton, in which Mr.Tutton said he feared seeing newspaper headlines claiming the club “launders money for extremists”.

Mr Gledhill argued that the email exchange was evidence that Mr. McCabe knew where the loan had come from. However, McCabe denied this and the claimed that the exchange was just “banter”.

While the battle for ownership of the club between Mr. McCabe and Prince Abdullah (who each hold a 50-percent stake) goes on, Sheffield United finished second in the England’s second tier division and secured their place in the Premier League next season after more than a decade away from the top flight.