​A supercomputer has predicted the result of the UEFA Champions League final between ​Liverpool and ​Tottenham Hotspur.

​Spurs sealed their place in the showpiece finale eight days ago courtesy of Lucas Moura's hat-trick in the stunning comeback against Ajax.

Liverpool, on the other hand came back in incredible fashion and beat FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi over two legs in order to setup an all-English final for European glory this season.

A website called Five Thirty Eight combines various information and statistics and predicts the outcomes of certain events such as elections and they have now diversified into developing algorithms to measure how a team could perform ahead of the game depending on all factors that affect the game.

Tipped to go out in the previous rounds against Man City and Ajax, FiveThirtyEight's supercomputer has given Tottenham a 29% chance of winning the final, compared to Liverpool's 71% chance of claiming the trophy for a sixth time.

Both, Tottenham and Liverpool have shown their comeback capabilities multiple times throughout the course of this season, both domestically as well as in the Champions League. However, in a one-off final with no scope for a second chance, both these teams' strategies and thought process might end up deciding who becomes the Champion of Europe.