​Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa has claimed that he feels ignorant when he watches Pep Guardiola employ his tactics with the Manchester City team, and said that it is impossible to copy the Spaniard's style.

City have successfully defended their Premier League title having finished one point ahead of Liverpool, and are on course to completing a unique domestic treble, with Watford waiting for them in the FA Cup final.

Bielsa, who is aiming to bring Leeds to the Premier League next season through the playoffs, has insisted that it would not be possible to copy Guardiola for his own team's tactics even if he wanted to.

"The argument I give to explain my respect and admiration for Guardiola is that the beauty of the play of the teams he built you can't copy," Bielsa said, according to ​Goal. "Guardiola builds alpha teams.

"We always said 'what would Guardiola do without the players he had in Barcelona?' and you can say the players of Barcelona are unique. The players of Pep Guardiola's Bayern Munich are very good and Manchester City too. But the capacity to create a style which you only see in the teams of Guardiola is much more important than the players he has."

“When I watch Manchester City games I feel I'm ignorant. You have a picture where 10 players are in front of their own box and City move the ball, trying to find the space to put the ball in. I see what is well done and try to copy it and understand it. But you can't copy Guardiola's teams."

Guardiola is yet to win the Champions League with a team that is not Barcelona, with the Spaniard having failed to do so with Bayern and failing once again with City.