​AS Roma captain Alessandro Florenzi had a major altercation with ​Juventus hitman Cristiano Ronaldo on Sunday evening when the two teams clashed. The end result of the issue saw Ronaldo supposedly terming Florenzi a dwarf.

​​Roma claimed a much needed 2-0 win in order to qualify for the Champions League next season and Ronaldo was cut a frustrated figure in the game which eventually led him into an argument with defender Florenzi.

In the second half, Ronaldo seemingly got too frustrated with the Italian footballer and ended up calling him a "dwarf". This would in-turn spur on Florenzi to go on and score the first goal of the game a few minutes later with a sublime chipped goal.

After his team's win against Juventus, Florenzi spoke in an interview and ensured he gave it back to Ronaldo. As quoted by ​Yahoo, Florenzi started by stating, "Cristiano Ronaldo thinks that he has the right to do what he wants because he has won the Ballon D'or."

He further mentioned in conclusion, "I also say and do a lot of stupid things on the pitch. What happens on it stays on it. We knew it wouldn't be easy to beat Juve, it never is. We played to win by trying not to lose. Ranieri took the right decisions. Bringing on Under was fundamental."