​Barcelona want three ​La Liga matches to be played outside Spain every season, as they attempt to gain an advantage over the Premier League.

​Daily Mail quote Sportsmail in quoting Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu's latest press conference in which he speaks about the commercial wheel of the Premier League and how La Liga should aim to reach that stage.

Initially talking about the regions he wants La Liga to be promoted, Bartomeu said, "I want there to be three games — one in the US, one in the Middle East, and one in Asia — every season to promote La Liga."

He continued, "It doesn’t have to be Barca. It could be Atletico Madrid, Sevilla or Real Madrid. Because we have to promote in these markets."

Barcelona tried to play a La Liga game outside Spain last season ​when there was a fixture being planned to be played in Miami, Florida, in the United States of America, but the attempt was blocked.

Talking about La Liga's rivals in the market, Bartomeu continued, "The LFP [Spanish league] competes with the Premier League. That’s our biggest rival. It’s the same for Barca. That’s why we have to try to do things that will help us to compete with the Premier League. It’s a commercial move. I really don’t see the problem with it."