​Arsenal fans are indeed a different breed, aren't they?

Shokdran Mustafi, who signed for the Gunners in 2016 for £35m from Valencia made a couple of mistakes that led to goals in Arsenal's dismal 3-1 loss to Crystal Palace at the Emirates on Sunday and received quite a bit of slating from fans for his performance.

All of the above sounds natural as fans tend to give the stick to players who don't perform well in games and well, they are entitled to, unless some fans take everything to another level. Yes, that's exactly what has happened in this one particular decision made by a Gunner supporter.

Some are so disgusted with the former Everton centre-back and his repeated errors leading to goals, that ​a petition for him to receive 'life imprisonment' has been created. Shocked?

Check the below tweet:

Someone called Gene.N set this petition on Change.org and it has got over 1000 signatures as of now. The petition's description reads: "A man by the name of Shkodran Mustafi has been fooling a football club into paying him over £90,000 for broadcasting very disturbing content hidden in football matches."

It further states in conclusion, "He is single-handedly responsible for millions of dollars of broken appliances like televisions and mobile devices, and there have been some cases of suicides related to him. There MUST be an investigation into the matter. I have been affected massively by this fiasco, and I really couldn’t find any other solution."

Wow, Arsenal fans! WOW! *slow claps*