​Former ​Manchester United defender Paul Parker has claimed that the club would need at least six new signings in the summer transfer window, with particular emphasis that the likes of Ashley Young need to be upgraded.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was appointed as the permanent manager of the Red Devils a few weeks ago, but after some initial success he is still having trouble getting the team to play the attacking and attractive football that he wants them to.

Parker believes that the only way the team can fight for trophies next season is if they sign at least six new players, with particular emphasis on the full-back positions.

He told Eurosport, “I think you have to look at buying maybe three defenders, two midfield players and even a centre-forward. You would fit Marcus Rashford into that front line, but [Ole Gunnar] Solskjaer needs more.”

“United haven’t had a decent right-back since Gary Neville retired, and I’ve always said that the club have got a problem when they’re putting old wingers at full-back. It just doesn’t fill a gap. It doesn’t show the intention of what you want to achieve," said the former right-back.

“Ashley Young can’t help the fact that he’s playing there. Somewhere down the line it was always going to come out in the wash that he’s not good enough for that position - and it’s come out at the worst possible time when United were playing very poorly," he concluded.

It remains to be seen what plans the Manchester United management have for the team in the summer, especially considering results have gone south ever since they confirmed Solskjaer as the permanent manager.