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Five Teams That won The Premier League Title With the Least Number of Points

The Premier League title race between Liverpool and Manchester City is heating, with both teams trading victories to keep each other on their toes. Despite the two teams having a lot of points, they are nowhere close to confirming the league title. However, there have been a few teams that have won the title for a lot lesser points.

Here are top five teams that won the Premier League with the least number of points.

5. Manchester United - 2010/11

Manchester United's 2010/11 season saw them win the Premier League title, marking their 19 English championship. They only scored 80 points in that season, which was mainly due to their home form. They almost won all their home games that season, but they could only manage five victories in the entire season on the road. 

4. Manchester United - 2000/01

Considering Manchester United have won the most Premier League titles, it is no wonder that they feature predominantly in this list. The team of 2000/01 also earned 80 points on their way to win the title. It was their third league title in a row, even though they did not have any great success in the cup competitions. 

3. Manchester United - 1998/99

Manchester United had the greatest season in their history during the 1998/99 campaign, in which they won the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League, marking the first treble by an English team. However, their points haul in the league was the third least in the competition, having only managed to win 79 points. 

2. Arsenal - 1997/98

The 1997/98 season was Arsene Wenger's first full campaign as Arsenal manager, having joined the club in the October of the previous season. The Gunners went on to do the double that season, and also won their first league title in seven years. 

However, they only managed to earn 78 points that season, marking the second lowest needed to win the Premier League title.

1. Manchester United - 1996/97

Manchester United won the 1996/97 Premier League with the least number of points at 75. However, they were still seven points ahead of the next three teams below them in Newcastle United, Arsenal and Liverpool. It was their only trophy for the season, however, having unable to make a dent in any of the cup tournaments.