​​La Liga MD Jose Cachaza wants the Spanish league to contribute as much as it can for the betterment of Indian domestic football apart from approaching the country's footballing market in order to increase their own revenue.

Cachaza additionally claimed that the La Liga would prefer to be India's second favourite league after the country's local leagues.

Since Cristiano Ronaldo's sale to Juventus, Spanish football chiefs have grown alert of their diving popularity across the world with Lionel Messi the only footballer to carry the baton of the league going forward.

Ronaldo's departure definitely played a part in La Liga's deal to show their matches on facebook live simply because they are still trying to catch up with the firm hold that the Premier League has in one of the largest growing football market in the world, India.

Speaking recently at an event, Cachaza specified to  ​Mumbai Mirror, "Our main objective in India is increasing revenues but our primary aim is to contribute to local football because if football charts grow over here, La Liga will also take off."

He concluded by stating, "We like to be the second most popular league in any country after their local league. While most of the audience wants to watch cricket, in Indian television, football is the second most watched sport."

India has proven to be a tricky market for all foreign leagues who have tried to enter and invest in it. There actually is no doubt that general audience will always sway between Premier League and La Liga being the two most watched leagues in India, apart from Indian Super League and the I-League, which are playing catch-up and have a niche of their own.