​2018 has been quite an amazing year for football with the domestic season coming to a grand close in May followed by the FIFA World Cup going through in style in Russia.

With so much action apart from league football, social media was continuously buzzing, producing moments of extreme hilarity and amazing content at the same time.

Talking about the importance of twitter for football clubs these days, almost all clubs/leagues ensure that their twitter handle is more than just a news or update portal.

Here are 11 of the most amazing moments given to us fans by football clubs in the year 2018:

1) When Bristol City invented unique gifs to celebrate goals:

The above was followed by Norwich City savagely trolling Bristol City after beating them in their Championship clash:

2) When Yeovil Town ensured a warm welcome for Alexis Sanchez on his Manchester United debut:

3) When Aston Villa savagely trolled Ipswich after beating them 4-0:

4) When Borussia Dortmund spoke about crushes and dates:

5) When Leverkusen pleaded Bayern Munich to not lose their game:


6) When Bayern Munich openly showed hatred towards the winter break:


7) When Borussia Dortmund actually trolled every Britisher who has been at a hotel with Germans:


8) When AS Roma's twitter handle had the most insane night of their lives against Barcelona:

After Manolas' winning goal in that game against Barca:

9) When Manchester City got it's fans in the Christmas mood with Kevin De Bruyne's 'Home Alone' rendition:

10) When Sevilla's twitter handle gave an epic reply to a tweet stating 'ruin a first date in four words or less'

11) When Bundesliga's official twitter handle promised Borussia Monchengladbach that they would be crowned champions if they get 50 million retweets....

Gladbach went back to basics as they replied the following...