BOLTON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 31:  Frank Lampard of Chelsea scores the opening goal from the penalty spot during the Barclays Premier League match between Bolton Wanderers and Chelsea at the Reebok Stadium on October 31, 2009 in Bolton,United Kingdom.  (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

Premier League Penalties: The 10 Seasons With Most Spot Kicks Awarded

It always seems that whatever team you support, penalties never go in your favour. That's football. There's always some unwritten agenda against your team.

Looking back over the Premier League's history there has certainly been some controversial penalty decisions all round. Whether that controversy is soon to be wiped out with the introduction of VAR next season, only time will tell.

There had been 2,016 penalties awarded in the Premier League prior the start of the 2018/19 season, with a majority (1265 to be exact) awarded in favour of the home team. Perhaps that says something about the impact of the '12th man'. 

Frank Lampard is the current penalty champion of the Premier League, having scored 32 in his career.

Here's a look at the Premier League seasons with the highest number of awarded penalties.

10. Premier League 2014/15 - 83

The 2014/15 campaign comes in at joint eighth alongside two other campaigns, when 83 penalties were awarded. Just 63 of the 83 penalties were converted with, while 17 were saved and just three were missed. 

Manchester City were awarded the highest number of penalties with eight, whilst Hull, Newcastle and Aston Villa had the lowest with just one each. 

Chelsea, Premier League champions in 2014/15, scored four of their 73 league goals from the penalty spot, missing one. Incidentally, all five of their penalties that season were awarded at Stamford Bridge.

9. Premier League 2012/13 - 83

The 2012/13 Premier League season is the second on the list in joint eighth with 83 penalties  awarded. 66 of the 83 penalties were converted, with 13 being saved and four missing the target.

Chelsea topped the table on penalties awarded, earning themselves 11, four more than second highest West Brom. Two teams, Swansea and Tottenham didn't get awarded a penalty during the entire campaign, whilst Aston Villa conceded the most, with eight.

Manchester United ended up title winners in 2012/13, Sir Alex Ferguson's final season at the club. The title winners earned themselves six penalties, but were the only side in the league who didn't concede one that season. 

8. Premier League 2008/09 - 83

The 2008/09 season is the third season in joint eighth with 83 penalties being awarded. This time round 67 of the 83 penalties were scored, with eight missed and eight saved. 

The number of penalties was fairly spread across teams this term, with Blackburn Rovers and Manchester City awarded the most, seven each. Every single team was awarded, and conceded a penalty, with Newcastle conceding the most, nine. 

Manchester United were once again the title winners in 2008/09 beating Liverpool to the title, with 90 points. Four of United 68 goals that season came from the spot as they dispatched all four penalties they were awarded.

7. Premier League 2013/14 - 87

The 2013/14 Premier League season saw 87 penalties awarded, as Manchester City became Premier League champions following Liverpool's late collapse. 73 of the 87 penalties were scored, whilst four were missed and ten were saved.

Liverpool were awarded the most penalties in the year, with 12, five more than the next highest team. Nine of Liverpool's 12 penalties were awarded away from Anfield. Cardiff City were only awarded one penalty that year, whilst Stoke and West Brom conceded the most with seven.

Manchester City's and Liverpool's goalscoring exploits saw them both manage of 100 goals in the campaign, as the two were the two highest scoring teams from the penalty spot. 

6. Premier League 2015/16 - 91

Leicester City provided a footballing miracle as they won the Premier League title against all the odds in 2015/16. They also took home the award for the most penalties awarded to a team in a single season too.

Leicester were awarded 13 penalties in 2015/16, scoring ten. Norwich also reached double figures, but for penalties conceded, as they had 10 penalties against them. 

74 of the 91 penalties awarded were scored, whilst six were missed and 11 were saved. 

5. Premier League 2011/12 - 99

The most dramatic ending to a Premier League season you'll ever see as Sergio 'Aguerooooo' sealed the title. Manchester City were champions of England, but it was their city rivals, Manchester United, who were the champions of the penalty charts.

United were awarded 11 penalties in the season, scoring nine of them, whilst Newcastle and West Brom conceded the most with nine each. Manchester City were awarded eight penalties, with all eight of them being awarded at home. Sunderland were the only team to not earn a penalty at home. 

A record high of 22 penalties were saved, the most in a single campaign. 71 penalties were scored, whilst just six missed the target. 

4. Premier League 2010/11 - 101

The 2010/11 Premier League season saw a role reversal from above, Manchester United were Premier League champions, but it was Manchester City who topped the penalty charts this time.

Manchester City were awarded nine penalties, scoring all eight awarded at home, missing the lone away one. Penalties were fairly evenly spread as every team was awarded at least two, with Arsenal conceding the most, nine. 

79 of the 101 were converted, whilst 14 were saved and nine missed the target. 

3. Premier League 2006/07 - 105

The second highest number of penalties in a season goes to the 2006/07 season, whereby Manchester United won the League.

Arsenal were the recipients of the highest number of awarded penalties over the course of the season, with ten. Blackburn Rovers were awarded the second most with nine, but also conceded a league high ten of their own. Wigan were the only side who were not awarded a penalty at home, with all their four penalties coming away. 

Manchester United scored 83 goals on their way to winning the title, with five goals coming from the penalty spot. Clinical finishing saw 84 of the 105 total penalties converted, whilst eighteen were saved and just three missed the target. 

2. Premier League 2016/17 - 106

Joint first on the list goes to the 2016/17 season, in which Chelsea won the title in Antonio Conte's first term in charge. 

Bournemouth topped the list for the side with the most penalties in their favour, with ten. Whilst Hull broke the record for the most number of penalties conceded in a single season, with 12. Arsenal also reached double figures, with ten penalties conceded.

League champions Chelsea scored two of their four penalties they were awarded as they went on to win the title with 93 points. Just 81 of the 106 penalties were converted as 18 were saved and 7 went wayward.

1. Premier League 2009/10 - 106 Penalties

The joint number one spot goes to the 2009/10 season, in which Chelsea won the league. Chelsea incidentally were awarded the most penalties that season too, scoring 11 of their 12 awarded penalties, amassing a total of 103 goals in the season.

Tottenham took the prize for conceding the most penalties with nine, whilst Wolves and Stoke were the sides who were awarded the least number of penalties, with just two a piece.

Of the 106 penalties 85 were converted, meaning the 2009/10 season holds the record for the highest number of penalties scored in a single Premier League campaign. Just two penalties missed the target, whilst 19 were saved.