Probably the greatest manager in footballing history, Sir Alex Ferguson was reportedly given a hairdryer treatment by his doctors who are concerned for his health.

The legendary former coach has recovered from a serious brain hemorrhage and has been seen in almost every ​Manchester United game ​this season.

But, Sir Alex did not attend United's clash against Fulham last Saturday after his medical team observed that the Scotsman was spotted to watch United play on three successive matchdays in just nine days which included a crazy 2-2 draw away at Southampton, Champions League game at Old Trafford against Young Boys and a mammoth clash against ​Arsenal, also at home, which ended in an exciting draw.

​The Sun reveal that Sir Alex's doctors observed his presence and ensured that they got in touch with him and ensured that he missed United's game against Fulham just to calm things down.

The report also quotes a life long United fan who is always in attendance with Sir Alex at Old Trafford. The fan said, "Sir Alex was nowhere to be seen and the word was he has agreed to the message from the medics – that is not to start overdoing things."

He continued, "They were concerned after seeing him on TV footage at the games – they then realised that he had been at three matches in just nine days including the lengthy trip to Southampton."

The source in the report also stated that, "We have been told Sir Alex took the advice on the chin and in his own inimitable style reluctantly agreed to it! He has done remarkably well in getting back to good health when things were really looking bleak – but even an old stubborn guy like him realises you have to listen when told what is good for you."

Sir Alex ​returned to attend games at Old Trafford after recovering from his serious medical condition when United took on Wolves in the Premier League on September 22.

United will take on ​Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday in a match of immense proportions in the Premier League this season.