Former ​​Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov has revealed that he would like to see the Red Devils sign Leicester City defender Harry Maguire in the January transfer window.

Jose Mourinho's side failed to add a central defender to their ranks last summer, something which has defined their dismal season in the Premier League up till now.

​With the mid-year transfer window arriving, Berbatov wants United go for Maguire as they need a defender who is comfortable on the ball.

As revealed by ​Football365​while speaking to BT Sport, Berbatov discussed his thoughts on what United should do as he started by stating, "It’s always difficult to buy someone that’s really good in the winter window so if you are lucky enough to buy someone then you need to keep in mind how he’s going to integrate with the team."

The Bulgarian forward continued, "If it’s someone coming from a foreign league it can be more difficult than joining from an English team. If you’re buying a central defender then you also need to think about who you’re going to partner him with because you could buy a really good player but if it doesn’t work out then that just causes another problem."

Revealing what United need right now, Berbatov stated, "But I think they need someone at the back that’s comfortable on the ball and don’t buckle under pressure even when someone is attacking you. You need to be calm, be able to pass the ball into midfield and carry it. I think they need a player like that."

Finally talking about the traits he liked in Maguire, Berbatov concluded, "I was really impressed with Harry Maguire in the World Cup because he was so composed on the ball and I like that quality in a defender because it benefits the whole team.”