​Brazilian legend and one of football's all time great ​Ronaldo Nazario has claimed that ​Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and himself have nothing in common except the desire to score goals.

Both Ronaldo's are legends of the game and while their respective game-styles are actually pretty different, goal-scoring is something that is synonymous to both their legendary names.

In his latest interview published by La Gazzetta dello Sport as reported by AS, Ronaldo spoke about Cristiano comparisons as he said, "We are different in terms of our position on the field and the way of interpreting it. Even if Cristiano now plays in a more central position, he has another way of approaching the goal with respect to how I did, even if the objective is the same."

Speaking about the desire to score goals, Ronaldo claimed, "Of course, we’re almost the same in the desire to score goals. It's no coincidence that Cristiano has reached 33 years of age in that shape. I think there are few players who take care of their body like he does, with so much desire to improve"

In conclusion, Ronaldo said, "I’m not saying that our concept of training, of the importance of work, is the complete opposite, but it is certainly different. I trained because I had to do; he does it because he loves it.”