​Italian champions ​Juventus were on top of the world rankings in the number of social media interactions held on their online platforms. They also managed to gain a huge 6.2 million followers during the month of July 2018.

In July, the Italian club led the footballing world in number of audience interactions on Facebook and Instagram and in number of video plays on YouTube.

According to data compiled by ​Result Sports, Juventus gained 3.5 million more Instagram followers in July, well above its average monthly growth of half a million followers. 

With a total of 14.4 million followers, Juventus has surpassed PSG to become the fourth most followed football club on Instagram. It is worth noting that only 14 clubs in the world have more than 4 million followers on Instagram, which is a little more than what Juventus gained in the space of a few weeks thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Across all social media platforms, Juventus gained an astonishing 6.2 million followers in July.

Additionally, data published by Sport management firm  Deportes&Fianzas shows that Juventus was not only the leader in Instagram interactions among football clubs, but the entire sporting world. 

Across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram it had a total of 83.3 million interactions, ahead of second placed​ Real Madrid, who managed 80 million interactions. Specific to Italian football, the second Serie A club to appear on the list is Inter, which is placed 14th with a mere 9.38 million interactions.