CARSON, CA - JULY 25: Jose Mourinho the head coach / manager of Manchester United during the International Champions Cup 2018 match between AC Milan and Manchester United at StubHub Center on July 25, 2018 in Carson, California. (Photo by Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images)

3 Reasons Why Jose Mourinho's Third Season Syndrome Could Continue at Man United

Over the past decade and a half, Jose Mourinho has travelled all over Europe and managed some of the best clubs. But, there has been one trait that has followed him everywhere along with his trophy hauls. 

He has not had success in his third season at these clubs, with the performance of his team dropping drastically. What follows is he either leaves the team during the season or proceeds to exit the following year.

Here are three reasons why his third season syndrome can continue at Manchester United.

3. Defeatist attitude

Throughout his term at Manchester United, the one thing that has characterised him the most is his constant defeatist attitude and a search for excuses for his team's poor performances. 

This has not changed, as Jose Mourinho has already started coming up with excuses for why his team might not do well in the new season, even before the pre-season games have been wrapped up. 

This does not bode well for the Red Devils or the manager and unless that attitude changes, things could likely get worse. 

2. Constant siege mentality tactic tiring

One of the reasons Jose Mourinho is so good at winning trophies is because he brings a siege mentality in the team that everyone is opposed to them and bigs up the players by asking them to show the world what they are made of. 

While an admirable tactic. it is exhaustive for the players themselves to always play with rage or to prove a point and he tends to lose the dressing room more or less in the third season. 

This could continue at Manchester United as well, as after two seasons and relatively less success, this is new territory for him and with his back to the wall, he will resort to what he knows best. 

It will all depend on how players respond to him challenging them, both privately and publicly.

1. Unable to get players on his side

Usually, by the second season, you would hear players talk about how great Jose Mourinho is and how they would like to play for him for a long time. But, there has been a distinct lack of that at Manchester United. 

In fact, barring a minor few, he has had disagreements with many players like Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial, Luke Shaw and Henrikh Mkhitaryan. 

Considering his relationship with Pogba, the Portuguese tactician has resorted to public criticism and demands, while offering backhanded compliments for his play with France. 

Unless his sombre mood and way of dealing with players changes soon, we could well be seeing yet another Mourinho third season ending in tragedy. 

Looking at three reasons why Jose Mourinho's third season syndrome can continue at Manchester United.