Indian National team's captain Sunil Chhetri is an icon for every budding footballer of our time. The Bengaluru FC talisman has given his blood, sweat and passion for our country and has transformed us into a nation that is falling in love with football with every passing day.

Being someone of the stature of India's captain, Chhetri is presently the highest paid Indian footballer, bagging Rs. 1.5 Crore per year. He recently bought a new apartment right in the middle of Bengaluru City, a location, which is considered to be one of the most prime residential areas in the country.

In a recent interview with BFC TV, he gave all his fans a special tour to his house and also spoke about the reasons behind purchasing such an extravagantly priced property.

Throughout the interview, he was very vocal about how much he loves Bengaluru and what attracts him the most about the 'garden city' of India.

He said, "I am a Bangalore boy, I might not know a lot of things about Bangalore history, I might not know all the streets, I might not speak the language but at heart, I am a Bangalore Boy. I love it over here."

Sunil Chhetri, who started his professional career with Mohun Bagan back in 2002, has played for 10 different clubs in a career spanning over 16 years. In these 16 years, he has been based in 8 different cities across the globe while playing for his previous clubs, but apart from Bengaluru, he never felt anywhere at "HOME."

Speaking about his romance with Bengaluru, Chhetri said, "Right from the second season, I knew that I was going to buy a house over here, that's how much a Bangalore boy, I am. It is a very selfish thing because I love this place, I want to stay here, I enjoyed here, I have been the most comfortable over here and most importantly, we have made BFC here."

Discipline is something that turns a good footballer into a great footballer and Chhetri takes a lot of pride in being punctual and managing his time towards his own development as a footballer. The Indian legend has a wall clock in every room of his newly bought apartment in order to help him manage time better! 

Not only that, the Bengaluru FC talisman has a deck area in his apartment, which happens to be one of the prime reasons why he bought the house. He likes to spend his "brainstorming" time in that area of the house. All his game strategies, formations and pre-match preparations go on in that part of the house. 

And while he thinks about football matches, his wife Sonam, thinks of the deck as a party place. Now, isn't that quite a couple?

​​Though from his video, it is pretty evident that captain Chhetri is in love with Bengaluru, however there are always certain aspects in every city that are not suitable and the issue that irritates him the most is the traffic congestion in the I.T capital of India. 

He said, "I love Bengaluru, everything about the city is great, minus the traffic, the traffic is awful here and of course, we are the ones who make it awful and the honking doesn't help."

With sheer hardwork, both on and off the field, Sunil Chhetri has made his professional and personal dreams come true and that, should serve as an inspiration to the youth of India.