​The Football Association in England is set to finally make an historic decision to move an entire round of the FA Cup to midweek in order to make it possible for all teams in the English division to secure a winter break.

As per the exclusive report by ​​The Times​, the FA Cup fifth round looks set to be moved to midweek which would result in making space for extra days as part of a winter break for all teams.

The report also suggests that cup replays at that stage would also be scrapped after the FA, Premier League and Football league came to an agreement.

The two-week break will start in the season 2019-20 but the matches would be divided with half of the teams playing on one weekend and the other five matches being played in the week after.

This would in-return get all Premier League teams a minimum of 13 days without a game, thus helping them immensely in their domestic and European commitments.

This break, however, does not apply to Football league clubs and the report claims that the format of the Carabao Cup would stay the same.

EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey said, "There are no plans to change it (Carabao Cup)."

This move can actually ensure that the England football team's stars will get enough rest before the the Euro 2020 and thus prove to be a win-win situation for all.