Long gone are the days when clubs announced new signings by just posting a welcome message on their official Facebook and Twitter page. 

Social media is on the rage and every club are looking to pip each other, not only on the pitch, but also on the internet where the majority of the fans fight with each other!

Over the last couple of years, most clubs have resorted to making announcements in a creative way to capture the fans' attentions. Some may make everyone cringe but for every cringe-worthy announcement, there are a few that makes us laugh outright.

Let us take a walk through memory lane and revisit some of the funniest and creative ways transfers have been announced!

Aston Villa proving their status as a second tier club!

At least it spelled 'KOLASINAC'. Not 'WENGER OUT' 

Nah mate. No one could see that it was Lacazette.

​​Of course. That's not Nathan Ake. With his trademark hair style. Obviously.

This one is genius! Lorenzo Pellegrini confirms his move to Roma, by playing as himself on FIFA!

​​Even their Twitter is boring. Like their games.

Crystal Palace announcing their new manager Frank de Boer. He was sacked five games later.

Come to Besiktas. Of course that's enough to sign any player.

​​Another fine announcement, this time by Chelsea.

Southampton won Twitter with this contract extension announcement for Stuart Taylor.


Good thing Salah has been a huge hit. Or else people will still remember this Tweet.

And finally! The cream of the crop! Sevilla announce the return of Jesus Navas!