​Barcelona forward Luis Suarez has revealed how he was convinced by then teammate and ​Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard not to move to league rivals ​Arsenal, revealing that the Englishman told him one more season with the club would open bigger doors for him.

Suarez was on the verge of a move to Arsenal, with the Gunners making the now infamous 40 million plus one pound bid to trigger the release clause acquire the services of the Uruguayan. However, Liverpool rejected the bid and refused to let the player go.

The Barcelona forward has now revealed that he was angling for a move to Arsenal but Gerrard convinced him to stay back to get bigger opportunities like Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

Suarez told Otro: "We qualified for the UEFA Europa League but the season ended badly. I'm about to go to Arsenal, forcing myself to go, and Steven tells me 'I promise that if you stay this year you're going to take off and next year you'll go to Bayern, Barcelona, Real Madrid or whichever one you want, but stay this year because you won't be better off at Arsenal."

"This was the last conversation I had with Gerrard at that moment and I told my agent that I had made my decision and I was staying. His words convinced me in that moment. They came from a person who cared for me, who wanted my well-being, who saw me suffer during training and saw me sad. They were words from a true captain that had an impact in that moment and helped me a lot."

Suarez has since moved to Barcelona and has been one of their key forwards, winning multiple league titles and the Champions League as well.