England manager Gareth Southgate has expressed his frustration that progress made by Premier League clubs in the Champions League could affect his preparations in June, with the Nations League game coming five days after the competition’s final.

All four clubs in the competition moved to the quarterfinals, with both Chelsea and Arsenal also poised to qualify for the last eight in the Europa League later tonight, but the country’s UEFA Nations League game against Netherlands could be in jeopardy as players may not be ready to play so soon in the national setup.

Southgate is aware of the problem and while he will not actively hope that the teams get knocked out, he will certainly the damage to his team to be at a minimum for such an important game.

"It could be a mess," Southgate told reporters, according to Goal. "Let's say if two of our teams made it to the Champions League final, then we wouldn't see them, at best, until the Monday before we play on the Thursday.

"We have been in a semi-final, we qualified [four] months ago and what a great opportunity to win something. And then you don't actually get the team together?

"And with the emotion of that game [Champions League final], can those players even realistically play on the Thursday night for us? We'll have to work out all of that out as that goes on. They would all need a period to psychologically switch off and we'd have to look at Champions League final players when we got to it."

It remains to be seen how far the English clubs fare in the competition, however, with Liverpool beaten finalists last season, looking to get back there again.