​Former England national football team coach Fabio Capello believes that there have been only three geniuses to have graced the football field with their presence and Cristiano Ronaldo is not being one of them.

Capello appeared as a pundit with ​Sky Sports Italia as Cristiano inspired Juventus to an incredible win over Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Champions League round-of-16 by scoring a hat-trick.

​Ronaldo's performance sparked a new angle in fan discussions on social media with regards to Lionel Messi and the Portuguese hitman. Messi meanwhile, responded with two goals in Barcelona's 5-1 thrashing of Lyon on Wednesday.

And Capello reckons the Argentinian master can join Diego Maradona and Pele in elite company as the three greatest players in history, but not Ronaldo, yet.

He said, "Messi is a genius, Ronaldo is an extraordinary footballer. Messi is brilliant because he does inventive things, he is pure genius. Ronaldo is extraordinary, he makes you win Cups and everything what you want, but Messi is a genius."

Talking about the top three football geniuses in history, Capello said, "In the history of football there have been only three ball geniuses: Pele, Maradona and Messi. Obviously this is just my thought. Maradona and Messi were able not only to think of brilliant things but also to put them into practice. Together with Pelé they have been (and still are) impressive, unique players."

Pretty sure Ronaldo fans will have something to say to Capello on this!