5 Top Managers Who Returned to Their Old Clubs for a Second Stint

Zinedine Zidane has been rehired as the manager of Real Madrid in less than a year, after the Spanish side has failed to succeed this season, getting knocked out of the Champions League and falling 12 points behind Barcelona in the league table.

It remains to be seen, however, if he can get the team back to the same successful reign he had when he was managing the first time. Here are five top managers who went back to their old clubs.

5. Kevin Keegan

Kevin Keegan managed Newcastle United twice during his managerial career, with his first stint more successful than the second. He guided them to the Premier League by winning the football league division one in the 1992/93 season and came close to winning the Premier League with them, only for their campaign to implode in the second half.

Unfortunately, his second stint was nowhere close to that successful. He joined in January 2008, but did not win his first eight games. But he fell out with the board before leaving the club at the start of the season following the summer transfer window.

4. Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho had two stints with Chelsea, and was reasonably successful both times. He won the Premier League twice and the FA Cup once the first time, while he won it once in his second stint. 

Although he was hired the first time with the idea that he would help the team win the Champions League, that hasn't happened under his regime. However, he brought unprecedented success to a club that was not used to winning trophies.

3. Kenny Dalglish

Kenny Dalglish coached Liverpool twice, with the first time the more successful than the second. He was the player-coach the first time round, winning three league titles and two FA Cups. 

It wasn't all bad for him in the second stint as well, leading the team to the League Cup that ended their trophy drought that the team was in since they won the 2006 FA Cup. 

Dalglish also signed Luis Suarez, who went on to become one of the best players for the club. 

2. Fabio Capello

Fabio Capello made a return to not one but two clubs in his lifetime. He was caretaker manager at AC Milan for six games in 1986/87 season. 

After that, he was full time manager at the start of the 1991/92 season, replacing Arrigo Sachi, and won four Serie A titles and a Champions League title. His second spell lasted barely a season though, with the team ending the campaign at 10th place.

He had two spells at Real Madrid as well, winning La Liga each time, even though he lasted only one season on both occasions. 

1. Jupp Heynckes

Jupp Heynckes was another manager who went back to two clubs, with varying success. He was in charge of  Borussia Mönchengladbach from 1979 to 1987 and for about six months in the 2006/2007 season. He did not win any trophies with Mönchengladbach but had more success with Bayern Munich.

With Bayern, he had three stints.He won two Bundesliga titles in the first stint of four years. He won a Bundesliga each in his other two stints, but also helped the team win the Champions League as well during the 2012/13 season, completing the treble in that campaign. 

Looking at five top managers who returned to their old club for a second stint