​​Atletico Madrid shot-stopper Jan Oblak has once again come up with a brilliant year which might lead to majority of opinions regarding the best goalkeeper in the world change in the upcoming months.

Statistically speaking, no other goalkeeper in any of the European leagues including England, Spain, Italy, France and Germany have kept more clean sheets than Oblak. The only goalkeeper that comes close to Oblak is current ​Liverpool and former AS Roma goalkeeper Alisson Becker, who spent the first half of the year in Rome.

​AS report that Oblak, however, finished 2018 after not conceding a single goal in 27 of the 50 matches he played. In the rest of the 23 games, Oblak only conceded 36 goals at an average of 0.72 goals per game.

On the other hand, Alisson Becker also notched up 50 games in his spell at AS Roma and Liverpool in 2018. He was unbeaten in 24 of those games. His average of 0.86 goals per game is thanks to the second half of 2018. Despite having one game more to play over Oblak, Becker will not move to the top spot in terms of stats.

Talking average goals against, only Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny has a better rate than Oblak. As Juventus look to be running away with the Serie A yet again this season, the Polish goalkeeper has seen significantly fewer games for comparison. 

His goals conceded rate at the end of 2018 is 0.56, but that is across 20 games fewer than Oblak. In his 30 matches, Szczesny has conceded 17 times in 13 games, keeping 17 clean sheets along the way.

Here's a detailed list of the top 23 goalkeepers ranked based on their games played, clean sheets and goals conceded:

​PlayerGames Played​Clean SheetsGoals Conceded
​Oblak​502736 (0.72/game)
​Alisson​502443 (0.86/game)​
​Ter Stegen​471750 (1.06/game)​
​Ederson​43​17​40 (0.93/game)
​Handanovic​43​17​37 (0.86/game)
​Szczesny​30​1717 (0.56/game)​
​Burki​42​16​46 (1.09/game)
​Lloris​38​16​38 (1/game)
​Kepa​40​15​41 (1.02/game)
​Areola​31​15​28 (0.90/game)
​Pacheco​36​14​39 (1.08/game)
​David De Gea​42​13​47 (1.11/game)
​Costil​42​13​45 (1.07/game)
​Anthony Lopes​41​13​52 (1.26/game)
​Ruffier​35​13​36 (1.02/game)
​Strakosha​46​12​59 (1.28/game)
​Donnarumma​40​12​39 (0.97/game)
​Bounou​36​12​49 (1.36/game)
​Benitez​36​12​38 (1.05/game)
​Lecomte​36​12​33 (0.91/game)
​Courtois​33​12​45 (1.03/game)
​Reina​27​12​28 (1.03/game)
​Gulacsi​401155 (1.37/game)

Stat courtesy: ​AS