​FIFA president Gianni Infantino has revealed that a majority of national football federations are said to be in favour of expanding the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar to 48 teams.

The 48-year-old FIFA chief also stated that the decision to finally approve the proposal would be made by March although it is still not clear whether such a huge tournament with 16 extra teams than normal will be feasible to stage in Qatar.

As reported by ​Sky Sports, Infantino talked up the proposal as he said, "We gathered the opinions as well of our members, the federations. So far, of course, the majority are in favour because 16 more teams participating not only means that 16 more countries will have World Cup fever, but 50 or 60 countries will be able to dream of qualifying for the World Cup."

Talking about the feasibility of the project, Infantino claimed, "Whether it is feasible or not is a different question. Is it feasible to do it only in Qatar? Difficult probably. Is it feasible to have a few games played in neighbouring countries? Maybe this is an option."

Furthermore, Infantino also claimed that a decision needed to be made by March because the draw for the qualifying competition is in the summer. 

Citing the example of 1998 World Cup, Infantino concluded, "For those who think it's late, I've been told that the decision to move the World Cup in 1998 to 32 teams from 24 in 1994 was also taken only four years in advance so there is already a precedent."