​Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has given a straightforward reply on being asked by little kids about the secrets to his immense success in football as well as his level of fitness. 

The Portuguese superstar believes that nutrition, rest and hard work are the three pillars on which he built his incredible career on.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, Ronaldo has scored 584 goals in 782 professional games as a footballer, silencing critics and doubters at every stage of his trophy laden career.

Most of what Ronaldo is, is mostly due to his immense level of fitness. The Juventus maestro believes that diet is everything for a footballer. ​Calciomercato quote Ronaldo's recent interview with Tuttosport where the Portuguese star was asked some interesting questions submitted by children, one of which was whether the former Manchester United man eat cakes.

Ronaldo replied, "You want to know if I eat cakes? I always try to have healthy food, it’s very important for me. I try to avoid alcohol and sweets even if sometimes I eat them to relax."

Talking about the three pillars of fitness success, Ronaldo stated, "There are three important things to do. Sleep well, eat well and train hard. These are the three most important things for a footballer. If you don’t train consistently, if you don’t train your shooting skills, your pace, your dribbling, you’ll get worse”.

Ronaldo will feature for ​Juventus when they take on Young Boys in the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday night.