Former Liverpool striker, Craig Bellamy, believes ​Chelsea's Eden Hazard is playing the same "schoolyard football" as Thierry Henry at the moment and admitted that it made him feel like the "rubbish school kid" when he played against players like that.

Hazard has been in blistering form for Chelsea this season and is currently Premier League's leading goalscorer with seven goals in eight appearances. 

Bellamy has been left amazed by Hazard's effortlessness and described the Belgian's performances as if he were still in the school playground. 

Speaking on Sky Sports' The Debate show, the Welshman said: "They do have quality, but Hazard is your match winner at this moment, we used to call it schoolyard football, that's what he's playing at the moment, you know when you have that kid who's just so good, he's able to do whatever he wants to the other kids and if they try and close him down he can turn, he's just playing that way," as quoted by ​Football. London

"I've seen Henry do it, he's one of the players I've seen do it, I felt like the rubbish school kid trying to chase him. Hazard is playing that kind of way at the moment, he's outstanding," he concluded.