​India's prime footballing authority, the All India Football Federation have released a statement on the alleged age fraud committed by ​Indian S​uper League side Jamshedpur FC's striker Gourav Mukhi.

Mukhi grabbed all the headlines as he scored a goal against Bengaluru FC last weekend and the Indian Super League (ISL) website even proclaimed him to be the youngest ever goalscorer. He was awarded the emerging player of the match award as well. 

However, fans, media and pundits have doubts over his age due to his involvement in an age fraud controversy three years ago.

In their announcement released on Tuesday, AIFF stated, "Jamshedpur FC player Gourav Mukhi who had earlier given a declaration that his DOB was 04/05/1999 has now submitted documents to the CRS system referring that his DOB is 04/05/2002."

The statement from AIFF also added that the CRS (Centralised Registration System) did not exist in 2015 which was the year in which Mukhi had committed the fraud, however the matter will be investigated.

The footballing authority then specifically mentioned, "The CRS which registers in-detailed information of every single player for AIFF was not implemented for the National Championships and the State Associations in 2015, but later. The discrepancy in the DOBs will be referred to the relevant committee for further appropriate action.”

In 2015, Mukhi was part of the Jharkhand U-15 team who won the Sub-Junior National Football Championship title. But, they were stripped off their glory and fined one lakh rupees by the AIFF as five players – including Mukhi – confessed to age fraud. They were later given a one year playing suspension.

it is quite odd that a player who was 15 and had confessed to being overage in 2015 is still claiming to be 16 years old in 2018.

Mukhi made it to Jamshedpur's reserve squad and featured for them in the second division of the I-League. He also scored six goals in 10 appearances for them, after which he was promoted to the senior team. Additionally, he scored two goals in pre-season and netted his first goal this season on Sunday.

Speaking about this issue, AIFF general secretary Kushal Das stated on Tuesday that the issue stems from the fact that Mukhi’s passport has his birth year listed as 2002. Speaking to PTI, Das said, "The discrepancy is regarding his passport which shows that he is 2002 born and a statement he issued in 2015 which stated that he is 1999 born."