Lionel Messi is reported to have made the decision to attend next Monday's FIFA's 'The Best' awards gala.

This comes after the ​Barcelona legend was not included in the three-man shortlist for the award. Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modric and Mohamed Salah made the cut ahead of Messi, ​something which did not go well with his global fan-base.

However, Messi has been included in the team of the year and is thus invited to the event. ​Marca report that while anyone else in Messi's place would not want to attend the awards knowing they won't be taking home the main accolade, the legend himself has decided to show up at the ceremony. 

The Argentinian magician has shown up at all award events in his illustrious career even if he hasn't won certain individual awards.

His arch rival Cristiano Ronaldo though was subject to criticism from fans when he did not turn up at the UEFA awards a few weeks ago once it was clear that Modric will be winning the accolade ahead of him.