WORST to BEST: Home Jerseys of all 20 Premier League Teams for the 2018-19 Season

The Premier League is back and with it, fans got to see their favourite players donning the jersey of their favourite teams.

Incase you haven't seen every team's first kit, today, we bring to you all 20 teams' first team kit ranked form worst to best....

20. Watford

What else did you expect? Nicknamed the Hornets, they are living up to their name, yet again without any show of originality, something which Watford fans most definitely not like.

However, Watford's away kit is quite good, probably a suggestion that the club wants its fans to travel to games more.

19. Burnley

No change from last year's kit except a new sponsor, except that this time the sponsor's name is printed in larger space than what was before.

The jersey would actually look pretty decent without any sponsor logo there. What do you guys think?

18. Brighton & Hove Albion

What was last season one of the best jerseys among all Premier League sides, is now a horror show.

This new kit is so bland that it seems like absolutely no planning was done when the kit designers were deciding the jersey.

17. Fulham

Another disappointment. Newly promoted side Fulham have gone an extra mile in ensuring everything about their jersey was a representation of their club, but it hasn't quite been that way.

It is still better than the ones mentioned earlier.

16. Tottenham Hotspur

Usually, Tottenham manage very good kits with the traditional white colours of their jerseys but this time, experimentation has not gone well as the new design on the bottom of the shirt looks like it has been dyed.

You could do better Spurs!

15. Manchester City

Getting a one-buttoned collar was a pretty good idea, however Pep Guardiola's incredible title winning side from last season deserved so much more glamours than this in terms of their home kit.

14. Cardiff City

Premier League newbies Cardiff City have actually managed a pretty decent jersey according to what the other clubs have in the list above, however, the 'Visit Malaysia' tag is a bit of a turn-off to the overall look of the jersey.

No, we are not undermining the beauty of Malaysia but it could have been placed better.

13. Southampton

One word - Average.

Yes, the colours have to be familiar as that's what the club stands for, but come on, where is the creativity?

12. Newcastle United

Usually, black and white striped shirts are the most attractive in sports, but Newcastle have tried their best to ruin it with the colour of their sponsor.

However, they made up for it with the kit numbers in red colour. Puma, work harder!

11. Huddersfield Town

What last season looked like a traditional championship side's kit is now finally looking more of a Premier League jersey.

The newly upgraded club badge with 'Terriers' written on it adds brownie points to the kit.

10. Manchester United

Two words - 'Too much'

While the idea behind the black stripes midway through the jersey signify United's old name Newton Heath (Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway) Cricket and Football Club is an amazing tribute to the club's history, the Red Devils have tried too hard to make the jersey look good.

9. Wolverhampton Wanderers

Usually, Wolverhampton Wanderers have different jerseys than the one they launched for this season with Adidas moving to a slightly lighter orange shade. However, it is definitely a welcome change that takes it into the top 10 of the best kits in the Premier League this season.

8. Bournemouth

While there is definitely nothing about Bournemouth's jersey that could take them into the top 10 best jerseys in the Premier League, but the club's dedication to get a kit sponsor that perfectly matches the design of their jersey gives them a 10/10 for the idea.

7. Leicester City

Former Premier League champions Leicester City's first kit under Adidas' brand is quite amazing actually. The gold touches on the sleeves add a bit of flair and memoirs to the Foxes' historic Premier League title win that will never be forgotten.

6. Arsenal

Finally a bold effort made by Puma and it will reap rewards. Arsenal's new kit looks absolutely dashing on the players when they don it.

Additionally, the kit has been brightened a bit to soothe the eyes which is credit to Puma for finally getting it right in the last four years. FOUR is definitely the charm here for Arsenal.

5. Chelsea

There's definitely not much one can do with plain blue shirts but the red and white lines' idea by Nike earns brownie points for Chelsea's new home kit.

The jersey looks lively and looks like those lines are moving at a fast speed. It matches the shirt sponsor, which is a Tyre company. Overall, it is brilliant to say the least!

4. Liverpool

Just take our money!

New Balance has nailed it for Liverpool, yet again!

Blood red with white text is a combo that cannot be resisted!

3. West Ham United

Umbro has done a great job here, yet again. West Ham's new jersey has a sleek design with transparent horizontal stripes.

Sponsors betWay has also fitted perfectly into the blend of the shirt and well the colour scheme of the Hammers' jersey always make them stand out, but with the sleeve's edges in blue, it gives a great touch to the overall look of the kit.

2. Everton

Royal blue texture, the Umbro logo's ring around each side of the jersey's sleeves, classic double buttoned collar made a great choice to be our number one if Crystal Palace hadn't done something amazingly crazy with their jersey this season.

1. Crystal Palace

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner.

The combination of bright colours like blue red, yellow and then white texted sponsors. The kit starts to fade on the bottom but that only adds to the beauty of Puma's idea. It's bold and beautiful and hence tops the list.

Rank Credits: GQ Magazine