​Brazilian footballing legend Ronaldo Nazario, who won two ​FIFA World Cup titles in four appearances at the tournament, recently spoke about what went wrong with Neymar and his ​Brazil team who were knocked out of the World Cup by Belgium in the quarter-final.

The most expensive player in the world was unable to reach peak performance levels at the tournament which many of his fans were expecting, especially with the plethora of talent available in the team alongside him.

However, after Brazil getting knocked out, the legendary Ronaldo expressed his opinion on Neymar in an interview with ​Sport TV and said, "We expected more from him because he's the team's star."

Ronaldo continued, "I don't know if it was the foot operation or something else, but I felt he was limited by something. He's still young, very talented and has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, but he has to learn."

The Brazilian legend then pointed out on Neymar's diving controversy at the tournament which was trolled across social media and reasoned, "I asked him five years ago and he explained that on many occasions when he's kicked he reacts in that way so that the blow isn't greater."

Ronaldo further said, "That also happened to me, I felt that I was treated unfairly when I was kicked and they wouldn't blow the whistle."

Talking about what Neymar should do next after this upset, Ronaldo sensationally stated, "Neymar has to control his emotions better during the matches. He risks too much looking for yellow cards, he needs to take more advantage of his negative energy and be a little evil."