Portugal's forward Cristiano Ronaldo arrives at the Zhukovsky airport, about 40 km southeast of Moscow, on July 1, 2018, as Portugal's team departs following their loss the previous day to Uruguay in their Russia 2018 World Cup round of 16 football match. (Photo by Vasily MAXIMOV / AFP)        (Photo credit should read VASILY MAXIMOV/AFP/Getty Images)

10 Memorable Cristiano Ronaldo Quotes for Real Madrid Fans to Remember

Former Real Madrid great Cristiano Ronaldo's time in Spain will always be known to be a success as he created history and broke multiple records on multiple occasions.  

And, the former Manchester United man was pretty vocal about what he felt and expressed his opinion regardless of whatever his "haters" said.

Now that he has completed his move to Juventus, here are 10 of the most memorable quotes by the legendary Portuguese hitman at Real Madrid for fans to remember forever.

10. When His Own Real Madrid Fans Booed Him

In a particular succession of instances when Cristiano Ronaldo was being booed by the crowd at the Santiago Bernabeu in Real Madrid's Champions League match in 2011, it gained massive media coverage.

And Ronaldo's response to those Madrid faithfuls was quite savage. He said, "I think they whistle me for being rich, being handsome and for being a  great player. People are envious of me, I have no other explanation."  

9. After Helping Real Madrid Beat Liverpool in the UCL Final Last Season

After Real Madrid claimed their third successive UEFA Champions League crown against Liverpool at the end of last season, Cristiano Ronaldo dropped the bombshell that started his entire transfer saga.

At the end of his post-match interview, he sensationally said, "It was nice to play for Real Madrid."

8. After losing the Madrid derby at the Santiago Bernabeu in 2016

On 27th February, 2016, Real Madrid lost to Atletico Madrid in the league and eventually dropped 12 points behind the league leaders at that time, FC Barcelona.

After that game, Ronaldo said, "It bothers me that they say that Cristiano has lowered his performance  and that's why Madrid lost. If everyone were at my level, maybe we would be first."

7. Giving the reason for not celebrating his goals - September 2012

On 2nd September 2012, Ronaldo gave an interview in which he asked as to why he hasn't been celebrating his goals since the beginning of that particular season to which he replied, "I might be a little sad. That's why I don’t celebrate goals and I'm not  happy. The people inside the club already know what I'm talking about."  

6. After winning the La Liga with Real Madrid in 2012

In an interview with Marca after winning the league title with Real Madrid, Ronaldo went on to state what he thinks contributed to the Los Blancos' glory.

On being asked to rate his and his team's performance for that season, he said, "I give the team a 9 and me a 10."

5. After Winning The Champions League Last Season

Ronaldo was on fire in the UEFA Champions League last season and although he did not score in the final against Liverpool, he did say something to shut his critics up.

He stated, "Who has scored the most goals this season? Maybe the Champions League  must change its name and be called the CR7 Champions League.”

4. Responding to Xavi's Criticism in 2016

There was a phase in Ronaldo's Real Madrid career when he had an open media spat with Barcelona legend Xavi. The Spanish captain had insulted Ronaldo on multiple occasions.

However, Ronaldo got back with this quote to end the matter once and for all. He said, "I am the most searched for player on the internet, all the front pages  talk about Cristiano Ronaldo. When Xavi talks about me, he looks for  publicity. He won everything, but no Ballon d’Or; I have three. And he's  playing in Qatar... "

3. His Thoughts on Professionalism in Football

In an interview with MSN, Ronaldo was asked about his definition of a professional relationship between teammates to which he replied, "The little meals, the kisses and the hugs are useless. At Manchester  United I won the Champions League and didn’t talk to Ferdinand, Giggs or  Scholes. I don’t have to go to dinner with Benzema or have Bale to come to my house."

2. An Instagram Message in 2015 This Time for Both his Fans and Critics

This particular quote was a something what Ronaldo has always stood for and this time he made use of his massive reach on social media to pass on the message quoting, "Your love makes me stronger, your hatred makes me unstoppable."

1. When Ronaldo was Asked About his Opinion on His Haters...

Ronaldo was once asked in an interview if he had a special message for all his haters to which he replied, "I know that if you like football, you will like me."