​Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba wished ​former Red Devil and the ​footballing world's social media king Patrice Evra a happy birthday yesterday in what was a crazy live video posted by the latter in which you can see both players having the time of their lives.

Here's the video:

Pogba started the call by shouting 'I love this game' in typical Evra style, followed by hilarious gestures before saying 'That's my uncle Pat', forcing Evra to hilariously state, 'This is the man' in appreciation for Pogba.

​The Manchester United midfielder then went on to say, "You see I look nice just for your birthday. Just for you."

Pogba then spotted their common friend Mike in the video and the midfielder went on to ask what is he doing there? Evra hilariously reacted by telling Mike to move out of the video by stating, "What are you doing here? Can I enjoy my life, please?"

This led to the United fan favourite pulling off one of those hilarious dance moves before Evra states, "Bro stop this, I feel too much love." 

The rest of the video between Pogba and 'The King of Monday' continues to be as crazy as it gets.

The last reaction in this video sees a comment made by Mario Balotelli which definitely acts as a crazy party pooper. Balotelly said, "You know I am better looking than you guys" to which Pogba hilariously replies, "Mario, please, come on man!"