​Juventus' star Argentinian forward Paulo Dybala has said that he does not regret turning down the chance to play for the Italian national team when he was just 19 years old. 

The Italian FA tried to convince Dybala to represent Italy due to his family heritage when the superstar was representing Palermo after moving from Argentina. He turned down the chance and was handed his Argentina debut in October 2015.

Dybala has since then established himself alongside Lionel Messi in Argentina's attack. Speaking to Italy's ​Vanity Fair Magazine, Dybala said, "I was asked to play for Italy and I was very appreciative. I was 19 and I said 'no, thank you.' It was very hard, but I am Argentinian and it would have been deceit."

At that time, Dybala was just starting to blossom as a footballer and he says that he understands how so many players fail to make it to the top.

He said, "When we have a ball at our feet, we footballers are delighted, but what happens behind the scenes is not always all that pretty. When you get to the level that I'm at, often you are a very lonely man."

Revealing what one needs to do to make every single day count, Dybala concludes, "God gives us this talent, but it's a talent that you need to work on. I've seen so many phenomenal players at youth level -- lads who you would say: 'If only they had their head screwed on, they could have been the next [Diego] Maradona or Messi.'"

Quite Inspirational indeed!