Manchester United legend and 11-time Premier League winner Paul Scholes sent social media into meltdown as his reaction to Steven Gerrard's statement of failing to win the league was simply priceless. 

As a Liverpool fan it is a statement which sends a dagger straight through the heart, and as a United fan it is an exact replicate of Scholes's gleeful reaction which has captured the attention of football fans across social media. 

Gerrard's illustrious career with Liverpool - which spanned across 17-years - reaped almost every trophy possible, all but the illusive Premier League title. Scholes took comfort in this fact when his former international teammate openly acknowledged his lack of league titles on live television. 

The BT Sport pundit, when asked about Jose Mourinho's defensive and negative tactics in the 0-0 draw at Anfield, said: "​‘For somebody who hasn’t won the league, I see at it more as clever management and tactically spot on if you go on to win it."

Well, subtlety obviously is not his strong suit as Scholes could not hide his obvious delight at this admission as he was caught triumphantly smirking at his old foes misery, which immediately made its way round Twitter like quickfire. 

Gerrard may never have won the Premier League title, but he did secure a plethora of individual honours which included the Ballon d'Or Bronze award, UEFA Player of the Year and three FIFA World XI selections, all which evaded Scholes during his career.