Ranked - Four Premier League Players Who Need to Improve After the International Break

The Premier League is about to start up again soon, as the players return to their clubs following the international break. There are a few players from each club who will need to make sure that they do better if their teams are to perform well.

Here are four players who will look to improve after the international break.

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4. Wayne Hennessey

Hennessey has not had the best times this season in the Premier League season so far. He has conceded an appalling number of goals and has not had a single clean sheet. While it is true that the Crystal Palace's defence is weak this season, his performances have not done the team any favour either. 

Though he is at the top of the list of goalkeepers according to minutes played, he has conceded 17 goals and resulted in his team not having a single point to their name as they come out of the international break to face Chelsea. 

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3. Pablo Zabaleta

Pablo Zabaleta is a player who has a lot to offer West Ham United. One of the most experienced and well-versed defenders in the league, he was supposed to add quality to West Ham's defence. So far, however, he has had the opposite effect. 

He has played every minute of the seven games but has contributed very little. His contributions were woeful and he needs to wake up post the international break and help his team to improve their position in the league.

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2. Jack Cork

Burnley have performed surprisingly so far, and they seem all set to make a mark this season. Currently, in the top six of the Premier League, they need each of their players to step up if they want to place a Europa Cup spot. One player who would be expected to do so would be Jack Cork, the most regularly played Burnley midfielder. 

He has played every minute of every match thus far and will look to make his presence felt as he takes on a more aggressive role. 

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1. Jay Rodriguez

West Bromwich Albion are currently placed tenth in the Premier League table when they could easily be placed much higher. Their performance has not been the best, but that may be attributed to their most used striker, Jay Rodriguez. 

Rodriguez has played an incredible 624 minutes of a possible 630, but has only scored one goal and has not registered a single assist in seven matches. He will need to up his game post the international break if they are to do better.

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