FIFA U-17 World Cup: India 1-2 Colombia - Three Indian Players Who Impressed

India's second group stage encounter ended in a narrow 1-2 defeat against Colombia. The hosts gave it their all, but in the end fell a little short on experience, as they conceded moments after they had scored. Even though the match ended on a sour note, there were plenty of positives from the tie. 

In this section, we look at the three players who impressed for the Boys in Blue. 

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3. Abhijit Sarkar

The absence of Komal Thatal in the lineup meant Abhijit Sarkar was India's main man up top. He was given the opportunity to make a name for himself, and after last night, he most certainly turned a few heads.

As he was the farthest man up the field, the chances he got were limited. But every time he was on the ball, India looked more menacing. His run and intricate linkup almost put India ahead in the opening minutes. And he kept being the brightest outfield player as long as he was on the field.

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2. Jeakson Singh

Against USA, India had a hard time keeping hold of the ball. Against Colombia, however, Jeakson Singh added physicality in the middle. 

He was winning 50:50 duels, dropped deep to help at the back, and wasn't shy of doing the dirty work. His passing was far from fancy, but the ball always reached it's intended target. 

Finally, in the 82nd minute, he placed himself in the history of Indian football by scoring the only FIFA World Cup goal for his nation. The tallest man on the field placed himself brilliantly between the defenders to head the ball home from close range. But irrespective of the goal he scored, Jeakson was the pillar of last night's India. 

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1. Dheeraj Singh

What more can we say about this Manipur boy? He was touted to be one of the most promising Indian players before the tournament commenced, and he has most certainly lived up to the billing. 

In India's opening group stage encounter, he was keeping his team in the contest. And last night, too, he kept saving one shot after the other to give India a fighting chance. His composure is his biggest asset, and the way he rushed off the line time and again, shows how aware he is. 

India have a fantastic talent in their ranks, and with time and patience, Dheeraj could turn out to be one of the superstars of this generation. 

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