​Catalan legend Xavi Hernandez has spoken for the first time since Neymar left and is particularly not happy at the way the Brazilian conjured a move out of the club. 

With Neymar gearing up for his Paris Saint-Germain debut, Xavi spoke in an interview and opined that it is very rare for a player to force a move out of a club like Barcelona. The Spanish legend feels its something unheard of.

"It was his decision and you have to respect it," Xavi told Le Parisien. "It's a personal choice. Players today move to where they're wanted the most. But nobody could have imagined that he'd leave Barcelona."

Xavi then went on to express how shocked he was when he heard this news as he said, "It's bizarre that a player doesn't want to stay at Barcelona. It's very rare. It's been 17 years since Luis Figo left for Real Madrid. As with Neymar, it was his choice at the time."

The 37-year-old Xavi was very particular in pointing out that Neymar didn't even bid a proper farewell to the Barcelona fans as he just gave a short social media message on his departure. 

Xavi said, "I understand the fans are upset because Neymar gave no explanation. He left Barcelona without a press conference or anything... but hey, that's how it is."

The former World Cup winner concluded by saying that Barcelona actually didn't expect any club to pay Neymar's release clause and also warned the club to spend the money wisely as he said, "We'll see what he can give to PSG. What I'm sure of is that Barcelona did not expect a club to pay the 222 million euro release clause. Now they have to manage that money."