​Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has come out and disclosed the Alvaro Morata transfer saga as it happened as he said that its Real Madrid's right to ask the amount they did for the Spanish forward.

Mourinho was speaking at his press conference on Friday and was questioned about what conjured in the transfer of the Spaniard to Manchester United.

The 54-year-old Portuguese boss maintained his calm persona while stating, "We had interest, that is obvious and it's public. We did not come to an economic agreement and that is obvious as well."

The former Real Madrid boss then dissected the reasons as to which this deal couldn't take place as it was all about the transfer price from the very outset of Manchester United's first enquiry about the player.

Mourinho believes that the selling club should always be in command of a transfer and there's nothing wrong in what Real Madrid did as he said, "It is Real Madrid's right to ask for the amount of money that they want for their players. We do not determine what the price is of a player of Real Madrid."

When questioned whether he was frustrated with Real Madrid or Manchester United board with Morata's transfer negotiations, Mourinho said, "I do not criticise Real Madrid and I am not going to criticise my board because my board made the offer and have tried to reach an agreement. They simply didn't come to an agreement."

Judging by his reaction, it seems Jose Mourinho believes that Morata's transfer saga was just about two parties not coming to a feasible transfer price but looking at the way this transfer turned into a debacle of sorts, one can only think that the De Gea transfer saga in the past has soured the relation between Real Madrid and Manchester United to a large extent.