Ranked - Five Times Dani Alves Won Our Hearts on The Pitch

​The Brazilian has an immense appetite for the game and at the age of 34, he was one of the key players in the Juventus side that reached the final. His passion is unrivaled, his loyalty has no parallel. 

Here is a list of five instances when the Brazilian made the whole world fall in love with him.

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5. Overcoming Racism

Emotions run high during football matches, sometimes things get ugly when the fans overstep the limit. One such match saw a Villarreal supporter hurl a banana at Dani Alves as he was about to take a corner. 

Despite this disgusting attack on his racial ethnicity and identity, the Brazilian picked up the fruit, took a bite and delivered a sublime corner that resulted in a goal and paved the road for a Barcelona comeback. Later, when asked about the incident, he simply replied that the banana gave him the energy for the corner kick. A testament to his sportsmanship.

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4. The Nutmeg on Ronaldo

Dani Alves has proven his talent throughout the years. One of the best right-backs to have graced the game, Alves was truly spectacular. It was an amazing sight to see when the Brazilian nutmegged the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo - who is generally on the opposite end of things - during a Clasico and left people in awe of the sheer audacity of the defender. 

There surely aren’t many footballers that can brag about this mean feat. 

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3. Loyal Servant

​Dani Alves was spotted by Europe’s top clubs during his stint with Sevilla and was later signed by Barcelona – the heavyweights of Spanish football. His loyalty towards Barcelona was unmatched, giving his all for the club on the pitch. 

The club and Alves were a perfect match, his passion matched the fans and his time in Catalunya was beautiful. However, after a dispute with the board, Alves decided to leave the club last season after finishing his contract and joined Juventus. 

When Juventus knocked out Barcelona from the Champions League, the Brazilian was seen having a heartfelt moment with his compatriot Neymar, who was completely broken by the defeat to say the least. Alves might have switched shirts, but his heart stayed back in Catalunya.

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2. The Treble Celebration

​When Barcelona successfully won the second treble – the only team to do so in the history of football – by defeating Juventus 3 -1 in the Champions League final in Berlin, Alves was absolutely ecstatic during the celebration. A fitting way to end a spectacular campaign. 

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1. The Sylvester & Tweety Tattoo

Alves obviously has a certain affection towards tattoos, and has quite a few adorning his body paying tribute to different moments in his life. However, the most interesting tattoo is that of Sylvester and Tweety from the Looney Tunes show. The message behind this tattoo is deep, it signifies the irrelevance of size and shape in football. A man with great ideals indeed.

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